Connecting Isaac and you will Jacob on the Category of Abraham

Connecting Isaac and you will Jacob on the Category of Abraham

… Sarah doesn’t appear in ch. 24. Searching straight back along side facts, new reference could well be merely to the father whom, at the beginning of the new section, felt that he had been alongside death. It is probable for this reason the finishing phrase ran: ‘Thus Isaac is comfortable pursuing the loss of their dad.’…

Gunkel’s solution is not enough, yet not. Their conflict that “in the event that slave pertains to Isaac, Isaac tells your that their father features passed away throughout the meantime,” ignores the fact that this new servant makes reference to Isaac given that “their master” before the one or two got the opportunity to chat (v. 65), where part, the new servant lack recognized you to definitely Abraham had died. Furthermore, this new observe on Isaac searching for morale getting his mother’s passing connects definitely so you’re able to Sarah demise (ch. 23), and therefore there’s no good reason to help you emend the new verse to “father.”

A great Fragment from Customs

I will suggest that in the first place it actually was Isaac, allegedly by himself initiative, whom directs of their servant to find him a partner. Therefore, in the event the slave output having Rebecca, the guy gifts their particular straight away to Isaac.

As i dispute in my own “Isaac ahead of He was Abraham’s Child” (TheTorah 2020), Abraham was previously a separate patriarch, just who supported by yourself since the “father” of the country

An editor revised the majority of new story (vv. 1–52), you to definitely originally focused on Isaac simply, to provide Abraham as the one who taken care of their son and you may create getting their wedding prior to his death. For this reason, the man refers to “their master Abraham” (vv. twelve, 27, 42, 48) and that is called “Abraham’s slave” (vv. 34, 52), and much of one’s talk is focused on the newest servant finding a beneficial spouse into master’s son.

An effective fragment of your own very first type of the narrative is kept out of v. 53, and therefore refers to this new servant’s provide so you’re able to Rebecca’s sibling and you may mother, through to the stop of your narrative, with only a number of article glosses (vv. 59, and you may 67a).

Right here, the slave is regarded simply as the “new servant” otherwise “the person” (vv. 53, 58, 61, 65 [twice], 66), which could just as easily be a reference to Isaac’s slave. A lot more somewhat, beginning with verse 54, we find “this new slave” speaking-to Rebecca’s mommy and you will sis on “my personal grasp” (vv. 54, 56) unlike “my master Abraham” (like in vv. 12, twenty seven, 35–37, 39, 42, 48):

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Gen The latest slave introduced items out of gold and silver, and clothing, and provided them to Rebecca; and he provided gifts in order to their unique sibling and her mother. Then he while the dudes that have your ate and you can consumed, plus they spent the evening. Once they emerged second morning, the guy told you, “Offer myself log off to consult with my personal grasp.”… The guy said to them, “Don’t impede myself, given that YHWH makes my personal errand winning. Render me personally leave that i could go on my learn.”

From here until verse 65, this new slave seems to be referring to Isaac when he claims “my personal grasp;” this can be obvious as he demonstrates to you in order to Rebecca who the guy approaching them try.

As to why is actually the story reworked to help make the effort for the ‘s and never Isaac’s? To begin with, the fresh Abraham and you can Isaac tales were separate way of life, and you can weren’t linked: Isaac was not Abraham’s son. At the same time, Isaac and his awesome child Jacob-the father away from Israel-belonged so you can a multiple, independent, national traditions.

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