Due to the fact a wages, she noticed a great girl who she requested if the she you will try the hairpin in her own lovely head

Due to the fact a wages, she noticed a great girl who she requested if the she you will try the hairpin in her own lovely head

Tian Qi forgot for a moment that she are designed to getting a great boy whenever she watched a keen arrow regarding accessories. She spotted a pleasant hairpin.

Ji Heng is thus surprised and much more shocked if bookseller mentioned that their number 1 customer is actually Standard Ji. Then shown all of them a beneficial poster off a very swarthy General Ji, that has been photoshopped.

Ji Zheng a little appreciated their particular too

Tian He hired a-room and had five lovely women’s to help you suffice them. She caused it to be appeared as if she is a regular.

Although not very distressed adequate since the the guy offered a free of charge solution so you’re able to Tian Qi, hence suggested she will appear and disappear for the Mansion Ji.

Tian Qi is actually impression the latest generosity and you can utter gorgeousness regarding Ji Heng when you find yourself she spotted him bed. But she told herself that she can’t be crazy since this lady has a goal in order to avenge their unique moms and dads.

The guy planned to tell Ji Heng one Tian Qi was female however, Tian Qi might get knocked out of Mansion Ji, he loves her too much for that.

When Tian Qi come saying that he had been really boy, Ji Zheng said that however view it for himself.

Ru Yi, Ji Heng and you may Ji Zheng’s nephew involved stay at Residence Ji. Somehow, the students boy connected themselves in order to Tian Qi together with already been contacting their unique ‘mom’.

Madam Ji, Ji Heng’s mother had return about temple along with their unique secretary, the latest frontrunner away from Mansion Ji, Chen Wu Yong.

Convinced that Ji Heng nonetheless are convinced that she is actually sometimes gay otherwise an excellent girl, Tian Qi dragged your in order to a book cart in which she proceeded to adopt pornography

Dr Ding and you may Tian Qi spotted the new commander buying a maid to be offered fifty lashes for not keeping the fresh clean status out-of their flat from the residence.

Chun Hua saw Tian Qi and you will Dr Ding. She warned all of them not to enter into the bad side of Mr Chen. She along with said to Tian Qi one when she saw Mr Chen once more, she quickly remembered it absolutely was him who had been wearing the new Buddha jade bracelet you to definitely Tian Qi are asking in the.

Nothing Ru Yi try informing Madam Ji just how much she loves Tian Qi. Madam Ji got interested in your medical professional just who appeared to be popular with anyone including to her very own young buck, Ji Heng.

At the same time, Tian Qi went to see Mr Chen which have a tiny bust of jade treasures for instance the reddish bead jade Buddha wristband just like the an offering.

Mr Chen said that the guy regularly own it together with trained with so you can other people. He had been astonished to get it back again.

The guy recruited this new maid of former concubine to tell Madam Ji you to Tian Qi are known for becoming a great jinx and the earlier which they get rid of their unique the better.

She got together with Ji Heng and Ji Zheng to possess an excellent anticipate household restaurants. It had been one Ji Heng are their child however, Ji Zheng try the brand new son off an effective concubine.

Madam Ji had a hand towards the loss of the students concubine. She pressed the new girl for poison. She upcoming got drawn Ji Zheng as the her own young buck.

With the knowledge that she are unable to force them for the reason that subject, she started telling Ji Zheng you to she heard much regarding the Tian Qi of Ruyi. She said that it could be an CorГ©ia do Sul menina quente effective if Ji Zheng you may allow the doc to their particular so Tian Qi you will look after their unique, since she try getting older. This should even be good for Ru Yi that has drawn a liking with the younger doctor.

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